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Orla, is a registered nutrition therapist with an MSc in personalised nutrition from a functional medicine perspective. Orla works with corporate clients in the areas of productivity, stress management, energy and mental health along with one-to-one clients in the areas of autism, ADHD, digestive, mental and skin health.
Working with Orla will empower you to make the right food choices for YOU so you can live a happier, healthier and more socially engaged life.
“We were very happy with the Health Screenings from Orla -22 of our staff took advantage of the opportunity to have their health checked. Orla was very thorough and professional and feedback from everyone was wholly positive. Thank you so much for the service.” JD Hackett & Co Ltd

“Health by Orla provided health screenings for our staff in Prudential International Assurance and we were very happy with their services.” Prudential International Assurance

“I would like on behalf of all my colleagues and I to thank you for arranging the health screenings for 29 of our team over the past two days. Orla did a superb job and the reaction from all those who participated was universally positive. Each of them feels they benefited from it strongly and received valuable advice on their future wellbeing. I personally found it very helpful. Thank you for the excellent work and professionalism.” Hooke & MacDonald

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Autism | Nutrition | Health

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