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Growing up in North Dublin, Niall was always the person people turned to when something technical need to be implemented or explained.

Having worked in the IT arena for over 25 years Niall has seen many changes. The internet is constantly changing. This can benefit companies through improved communications, lower operating costs and improved efficiencies.

Niall works with companies to ensure IT Systems are implemented, supported and updated. Business continuity has become even more important in the interconnected world we live in. Niall can be your IT Dept or assist your IT Dept.

IT Security and Cyber Awareness

Niall is passionate about security and cyber awareness within businesses. The ever-changing Internet landscape offers companies and individuals great convenience. Smart/IOT devices are becoming ubiquitous. With the new technologies come new challenges. Niall prides himself on keeping up to speed with the current challenges facing small/medium sized companies. Employees are becoming the new area of attack. They have to be made aware that the internet is great but it also can be dangerous.

Services Provided
  • Managed Services including monitored backups, business continuity, security, networks (wifi and wired) and general IT Support.
  • Onsite and off-site secure data storage.
  • Remote Support.
  • Cyber security/awareness staff training
  • Project Management.
  • 3rd party advice and consultation.
  • Wifi coverage troubleshooting and mitigation of dead spots.

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IT Security | Cyber Awareness

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