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Caroline is the owner and founder of sales and consultancy business. Caroline offers sales and business development consulting services; as well as ‘done-for-you’ sales support solutions, specialising in the B2B sector.
She also deliver’s professional and practical sales training services which will assist you and your team in growing your business.
Caroline has been in sales and business development management roles for over twenty years, working in a wide range of businesses from small, family owned to large multi-national companies. She has also been on both sides of the negotiating table as a buyer and a seller. Her industry experience varies from fashion to engineering, manufacturing, distribution, franchising and the construction industries.

She can assist and advise business owners on how to get clarity on who their ideal customers are; and to develop a sales strategy to finding them and ultimately close more sales. She offers a very ‘hands-on’ approach to training, giving real life examples of her own sales experience in growing other people’s businesses.

Her training provides an interactive workshop environment that will really get you thinking about the sales potential of your business. Caroline has helped numerous clients across Ireland and UK to gain more leads, create sales opportunities and grow their business.

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CC Selling Via Customer Service
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