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TEG Learning & Development

At TEG Learning & Development we pride ourselves on high quality and exemplary delivery by Ireland’s most Professional Trainers.

Any business or venture starts with a dream or vision; identifies a niche or an opportunity to do things better than before. Any successful business owner knows that the lifeblood of any venture or enterprise flows from the employees charged to deliver it!

Here at TEG our founder Sorcha Finucane cherishes this core tenet. Drawing on a vast well of experience from a career that to date, spans 20 plus years operating at the highest levels in Hospitality and Facilities Management. Environments that are constantly dynamic, logistically challenging, always demanding, often hostile and 100% people. She has worked from the bottom up starting out as a fresh raw 16-year-old in a local hotel to senior management in major multinational powerhouses, leaving a continuing legacy of firm friendships, dedicated partnerships and absolute respect.

She has founded this venture to impart the knowledge and experience she has accumulated to help others forge their own careers and businesses to equip themselves with the finest people.

In January 2018 TEG evolved and Skills Channel was formed by Sorcha Finucane, its birth was a natural extension from its parent company TEG Learning & Development.

From a combined background in Hospitality, Facilities, Senior Management, Business Development, this vast experience, knowledge and professional empathy and ability to create a skills delivery system, which while fully automated, still provides that vital, uniquely, human touch.

The TEG mission is:

To create, develop and maintain strong, sustainable Client Partnerships. To grow and evolve along with our Clients, facilitating each unique need along the way and to help set the standards for Corporate Welfare and Management.

At TEG we like to think of ourselves as a centralised, dedicated Hub for Learning enabling our Professional Trainers to connect directly with their clients. In turn, this offers Clients a greater portfolio of, hand-picked, superb, Professional Trainers which they may not have had access to before.

We deliver training at all levels from front-line team members, to mid-level, senior and executive management.

We deliver training in all fields across all Industries / Sectors, Nationwide.
We deliver legislative, non-legislative, face to face classroom-based and online training.

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Customer Reviews

We always love hearing from our customers. Here are a few of our reviews!

I learned so much myself from the initial site audit conducted by Aideen. I was amazed how she was able to connect with the different teams so quickly and retrieve some valuable information.

Caroline – CWS-boco

Caroline – CWS-boco

The team really engaged and responded to the five days of training. They built up a great rapport with the trainer (Joan), developed trust and opened up over the duration. We will definitely be working with TEG earning & development more in the future.

Paddy – Camden Court Hotel

Paddy – Camden Court Hotel

I spoke with most of the trainees yesterday and the general feedback was very positive. One guy said it was the best training he ever received. All of them enjoyed the training approach saying the learned new information & felt they would remember it more than from previous courses. His (Pearse’s) practical application of what we learned was also very beneficial, especially his constructive feedback after the event.

Derek – CWS-boco

Derek – CWS-boco